... to a new chapter.

I'd love to tell you that today was the day that I woke up thinking, Man! I should switch blogs!  And yet it wasn't.  But today? ... appears to be as good a day to do it anyway!

In case you're blind, all my posts are gone.  No, I did not delete them.  I apparently have some r***l* *r*e** people who ...  well they have ******* lives.  Fortunately for me, I've employed some kick-ass technology for more than a few years that makes this super-duper easy.

For those of you that emailed me, you should get an email shortly.  If you want to read my new blog? Leave a comment.  I'll contact you after I've done a complete screening, FBI style.

I kid.  Maybe.

Truthfully, I'm excited about a clean start.

All my Love,