Somehow, I've let seven months slip by. So, there's that. 

It occurred to me a few weeks back that I've been blogging since 2005. Nine years. I should probably deduct 2013, but I shan't. 

So much has happened this year. 


It's crazy and lovely and I get to call it my own. I am so thankful. God is SO good and my family was amazing.  My brother flew down, and in what I can think of as a genuine labor of love, helped me paint the blue mayhem into cozy and serene. 

Even with all the goodness, this year has been difficult. 

I also find myself overwhelmed emotionally, more so than in the past. My fuse is shorter and more stern. The reclusive side that I've tried to hide is pushing to come out.

Growing pains.

This weekend, I get to recharge my soul with people I love dearly. 

And so I continue to pray that this season, necessary as it may be, passes quickly.