God of the small things

My friends and I used to have these relatively large Halloween parties (pre-kids) and we would get together and eat and dress up and laugh.  Trying to figure out what I would wear each year was fun!  In late 2010, I had very specific idea in mind and went to the mall one Thursday night to get what I needed.  I was very disheartened when I couldn’t find what I wanted (a red track suit… I’d hoped to go as Sue Sylvester that year!), so I went to look for boots.  After an hour, I realized I wasn’t going to find any that bit because I have big calves.   My mom’s last minute suggestion was for me to dress up as Flo from the Progressive commercials.  To date, that is still one of the easiest and my favorite costumes to wear!

So, I treated myself to a gift.  I bought myself a ring!  It was simple and silver, but was the first big gift I’d ever really bought myself and I would wear it every day.

And I did.  And I loved it.  Over the years, I have gotten a number of comments on the ring because it just fits my hand well.

I spent Easter weekend with my family this year.  My brother flew in and we all celebrated with my extended family at my Aunt’s house.  My aunt lives near Callaway Gardens, and that’s about 3 hours from my home.  After lunch was over, I put my ring and the other ring I was wearing in my pocket and washed dishes.  I remember pulling my keys out to get something out of my car.  Right before we left, I realized that both of my rings were gone.

I was able to find the other ring but because I was in a time crunch to get my brother to the airport, I left without finding my ring.

I wish I could tell you that I wasn’t heartbroken or sad but that would be a BIG FAT lie. 

A few weeks later, I went and bought myself another ring because my hand felt weirdly naked.  I have rings, but THIS ring had just been a constant for me.  I’d bought my car and signed the paperwork on my house wearing this ring.  

While I had not forgotten about the ring, I understand that it is insignificant in the grand scheme of well, everything.

One of the craziest parts of finishing school is not being completely consumed with anxiety about some assignment that is due.  I have been so wrapped up in just finishing (and not to sound any more dramatic than usual, but… basically just not dying) that I never thought any further than this.  People asked me, but I gave vague, ridiculously answers because I honestly just didn’t know. 

But last night, I realized I had the free time, I so went into my guest room and decided to pick up my faithful hobby and crochet something.

Except I didn’t know where any of my hooks were!

I found two bags and hoped they had a project that I could start on (and hopefully my favorite little scissors and a crochet hook) and dumped them out on my guest bed.

And I saw it.

In the bottom of a bag that I haven’t touched in 6 months was my ring.

In the importance of things that matter, my ring is so beyond insignificant.
But it mattered to me.

And God, in His infinite goodness saw fit to pick up that ring and bring it 180 miles to me.

(As you can imagine, I was a crying hot mess in my guest room last night.)
I have not forgotten just how faithful God is.   He has proven His love for me over, and over, and over, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER.

But last night, chocking back sobs, I thanked God for His love of my small things.
And I am reminded in BIG BOLD LETTERS IN MY HEART that if He is concerned about the minutia, then he is 1000% concerned with the big things.