as of late...

somehow I have managed to neglect my little blog here.  oops.

Currently, it's 9:19pm.  I've just gotten home from a driving lesson/life session with the girl that my friends and I are helping.  Although I ate dinner less than 2 hours ago, I feel hungry.

Or maybe empty.

I'm not sure.

Such appears to be the season I'm in.  A season of such drastic change in my life that every afternoon is FULL.  My weeks are scheduled far in advance.  It's not just one event, it's six.  It's babies that need a bath.  It's their mother that needs to be affirmed and told that she is valued and loved.  It's friends that want quality time.  It's work that calls.  It's civic duty that I want to do.  It's church.  It's youth that need my undivided attention just to tell me silly things.  It's a sixteen year old hitting on me. (Strangely enough, I'm not even joking about that.)  It's family events.  It's wedding planning.  It's couponing. It's a public speaking event.  It's new training on my job. It's a little bit of everything.

And a body that wants to be weak and give in, but a conscious that can't sleep at night if I don't give it my all.

And then it's the coming home to an apartment that needs some attention, but that is ultimately empty.


Today I had five minutes to re-read my Jordan journal.  I tried to process where I was at, somewhere in Petra, I think, when I realized how much I was begging God to change my life.

WOAH!! at the answered prayer.


I wish I had some deep blog, but I don't.  I'm just living the life in front of me.  I'm still making changes for the future (and trust me, the next 90 days hold some unexpected changes no doubt), but I'm also trying to be flexible. Not my strong suit!

I'll try harder... :)