... to a new chapter.

I'd love to tell you that today was the day that I woke up thinking, Man! I should switch blogs!  And yet it wasn't.  But today? ... appears to be as good a day to do it anyway!

In case you're blind, all my posts are gone.  No, I did not delete them.  I apparently have some r***l* *r*e** people who ...  well they have ******* lives.  Fortunately for me, I've employed some kick-ass technology for more than a few years that makes this super-duper easy.

For those of you that emailed me, you should get an email shortly.  If you want to read my new blog? Leave a comment.  I'll contact you after I've done a complete screening, FBI style.

I kid.  Maybe.

Truthfully, I'm excited about a clean start.

All my Love,


Anonymous said...

Pick ME. Pick Me ;) (Just ignore all the college things on the FBI report it was a time I would rather forget.... I kid. I kid.)

New chapters are good.

Cheers to you and your new chapter!

Mrs. C said...

New chapters are definitely good and although I'm a stranger, I am a faithful reader and have really enjoyed reading your blog! Would love to be included in the new start as well, but totally understand if you want things kept private.

Sueann said...

I think I am already included...but here I am anyway...waving at you

Anonymous said...

You know more about me than the FBI. NUFF SAID :)


Mimi said...

Yep, got my invite!

Michelle said...

people annoy me! AND make it much harder for me to keep up with you. :) I want to be a reader! :)

Miss you love.
Hope to see you in Tennessee again soon!

Rachel said...

I want to read your blog! I love reading your posts. It's often the highlight of my day and is always good for either deep thinking or a good laugh!!!! So I'd love to keep reading your wonderful writing.

thisbridewearscombatboots said...

Hey! Don't forget about me. I love your blog --even though I dropped off the blog map for the summer--I'm back and your gone. Pick me.


Redeemed Diva