I was looking at photos on my brother's computer tonight and found this.

Today, I stood in St. Paul's Church (Trinity Church) and looked at remnants left from 9/11.  I kind of felt unemotional about it all until I came to a display talking about cots that were set up in the church for emergency workers.  Something about seeing that empty cot stirred deep inside my heart.  

In the far corner of the church is a charred, empty fireman's uniform with an embroidered collar that says, "We will never forget".

Memorial Day weekend is always special to celebrate in New York City.  This is not my first.

But now, with Bin Laden dead, and the immenent 10th anniversary of the tragedy and heroism that occurred that fateful day, I can't help but find this weekend Extra Special.

Indeed, we will never forget.

It is for freedom, that we are free.


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Sueann said...

I too will never forget!! A day of infamy!!
So many images still in my heart and mind!